Water Bottle Used As A Pressure Vessel (Stress Analysis)

We had a wonderful week at the Society for Experimental Mechanics

( https://sem.org/ ), Annual Conference and Exposition 2019 in Reno, Nevada. There were many biological, chemical, optical and mechanical sensors including Micro-Measurements strain gage sensors in various form factors. 


After receiving a blue water bottle from SEM, we decided to measure it’s deformation with an Advanced Sensors Technology C4A strain gage that is available from Digi-Key.


In this video, Tom and Collin will use a water bottle and a C4A foil strain gage to demonstrate how to measure the stresses developed in a thin-walled pressure vessel.


As we all know, aluminum water bottles are becoming a significant portion of the municipal solid waste. Recycling aluminum water bottles helps to create more space that can be used for other waste. Recycling can also help reduce the number of aluminum water bottles that end up as litter in our community.


The new Micro-Measurements C4A pre-wired strain gages for Stress Analysis are now available from Digi-Key:

Please visit our Supplier Marketing Center on the Digi-Key website 


Our new program with Digi-Key will provide quick availability of a wide variety of our standard strain gages (gauges) for stress analysis purposes and as the sensing elements in transducers for measuring physical variables other than strain, such as weight, force, torque, and pressure.





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